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Children's Hand Painted Wall Murals


Hand painted wall murals can transform a children's playroom, bedroom or nursery into a giant picture storybook. A children's mural can stimulate your childs imagination transporting them into a land of fantasy and creativity.

A mural can transform your child's room into somewhere they feel safe and secure surrounded by their favourite fictional characters.

Not all children want princes and princesses on their wall and we have painted fish, dinosaurs, dolphins and wildlife themes. You can have anything you wish to be painted from Disney characters, faries, wildlife, super hero characters, Jungle Book and Beatrix Potter to name a few.

IIf your child is a huge football fan then we can turn their bedroom into their favourite team's home ground by having it painted in their room.

Nursery murals are perfect for decorating loving spaces for newborns, toddlers and infants.

We not only paint children's murals in private residences but can paint children's murals for schools, day care, hospitals and other community premises.

Children's murals can make a wonderful background for your child to grow on. Whether it's a calming nursery mural or a colourful kids' mural. We can create a beautiful wall mural for your children. Please visit our gallery for a few examples of commissions we have carried out.

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